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“Pandemic took my job, Millionlights gave it back to me”

Testimonials – Chirag Niyogi

“Pandemic took my job, Millionlights gave it back to me”

Chirag Niyogi is a 2019 BE-Computer Science graduate who was placed as an SAP Consultant with a reputed IT firm. Everything was going as planned and his happiness knew no bounds. He was patiently waiting for his training to get over and be placed with the client where he starts next phase of this work. This was his story pre-covid-19 pandemic.

The unexpected pandemic changed the course of his career path. His final client placement wait extended from few days to weeks, and then to months. Staying on-bench for long gave him sense of uncomfortable uncertainty and then the worst happened; he lost his job.

He took a while to compose himself and start afresh. He started searching jobs through every platform available. But everywhere he had to face rejections due to lack of experience and worst was that every rejection pulled down his confidence further. He lost a full year searching for a job.

With no job, no experience, multiple rejections, and a year-long break, Chirag’s confidence was at rock-bottom. At this point, his friends advised him to shift to Java development which he followed and came across Millionlights Java Bootcamp. He promptly applied here and also got selected.

At this stage he was slowly starting to feel that his career was getting back on track. At Millionlights Java Bootcamp, his technical as well as soft communication skills were improved. But, for him, the highlight and most rewarding were the mock interview sessions. In these sessions students are exposed to tricky and unexpected questions that they might come across in final job interviews. As many students have said, these sessions are a confidence booster for them.

Today Chirag is successfully placed with DXC Technology for which he gives all credit to Millionlights. As he exclaims, “It not only gave back my job but also the lost confidence. Today, thanks to Millionlights, I find a better version of myself, one that is brimming with energy, acing communication skills, and above all is confident to face any situation in life.”

Millionlights University feels privileged in being instrumental and helping Chirag find a better version of himself.

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