David Raj Kanthi

This bootcamp is really well structured and executed. With all the daily recorded content, quizzes, assignments and the video material that is provided in the LMS would be a great help for any one. As said earlier on the induction day, one should learn by themselves and the queries would be clarified in class, which made me improve my self-learning and also internal interviews pushed me to know my potential. All these led to put me on the successful path that I could crack the Interview of DXC Technologies.


Once again I would like to thank you all for being a great support on this small journey and I hope you continue doing this good work and keep supporting people and be part of their successful journey.


Gunaganti Venkanna

I am Gunaganti Venkanna. I am here to share my experience with Millionlights University and how it helps me in getting a Job. I joined Millionlights University around 2 months back and I'm feeling very happy for taking such a wonderful decision in my life. At first I thought it wasn't genuine because many of us know there are several platforms who promise to give u a job and end up with failing to give a job. But believe me guys this is the one that you are looking for.


Now coming to the selection process first they will ask u to write an entrance test and after that u will get informed by either call or whatsapp that u have to attend the interview. This is just a casual interview to move your profile forward. After that you will get a link to  join the meeting where they explain all the stuff regarding how Millionlights University works. 

From here Neha will be the trainer for this special group. She was an Excellent trainer and I learnt a lot from her. She gave us a list of questions and it was very helpful for me. After this I got an interview link from Millionlights University which helped me to attend the final interview. Here they will give you feedback about your interview and the corrections u have to do before going to attend the final interview.

After this I got an email saying that your interview has been scheduled with DXC technology. I attended the interview. The interview has two rounds: Technical round and Managerial round. Both the rounds went very well for me. After 1 day I got a call From Millionlights saying you  got selected and yeah I got placed for DXC Technology.


One thing I want to mention very specifically is that Jaya madam she was such a wonderful person. From the very beginning she cleared all my doubts without any hesitation .Special thanks to her.


Gunaganti Venkanna


Rahul Jagannath

I would like to take the pleasure to thank Millionlights University for giving me the opportunity to be part of the Java Bootcamp Program(MCAP) and I would like to give some feedback on the same.


About the bootcamp, all the modules were well organised. The sequence of topics was well structured.  It gave a complete tutorial on Java from Basics to Advanced Java. It was more than enough for any student to have a quick revision.


Neha ma'am was the trainer, who is an excellent trainer. She focused on each and every student of our batch. She would take extra time only to make sure that we understood even though the class was over. 


Special thanks to Jaya for helping me and guiding me throughout. She was very friendly and was always there to sort out all my queries related to anything. Thank you.



Rahul Jagannath


Pavan Kalyan Repalle

Hi Jaya,

            Millionligths helped me a lot to get my dream job. It is a well versed and well driven program for the job aspirants to get their dream come true. I would like to thank Mr. Veera for taking up the initiation for making us learn the skills, Also he made the class attentive by interacting and making them involved in the class and making sure that they know the unknown. I would also thank Mrs. Neha for putting constant efforts at her end for making me get through the interview, She cleared my doubts on the weekends and public holidays as well. I would like to thank Ms. Jaya  for providing support at each and every aspect, She answered all my queries patiently and helped me throughout the program.   


Abhishek J

I was amazed by Million University and their work. The bootcamp is structured in a very systematic way. I would like to  thank  every million university staff especially Neha and Jaya maam, they are very friendly, responsive and very kind .I attended all the sessions and I completed all the tasks and finally I got a job in DXC technology .

I would like to tell Keep up the good work and may GOD bless you all.


Kartik Patnaik


First of all I wanted to say Millions of Thanks to Millionlights. Thank you very much for trusting me and making me a part of Bootcamp. I want to thank Veera for teaching all the basics to advance Java.  I want to thank Neha mam for making me eligible for the job. There are so many people who are not good at on-cameras. I was one of them but

I forgot everything and learned what Neha mam taught not only the theory and codes as well as the personal skills like body language and speaking skills. Mam asks every single person to turn on their camera and asks to interact with her. That is the best thing a mentor or trainer can do.  By interacting and by talking the fear of facing interview was gone. Really grateful to you Jaya mam for supporting and trusting. Even after in busy time also you took time and helped me for the whole process. 

     And another best part of the Millionlights University is the Mock interview. As we already had a mock interview before the interview it felt easy on the day of (DXC) interview . There is no coaching center or anything which provides these all facilities.

I am so grateful to Millionlights University and to all the staff of Millionlights.