Millionlights UK - Presents MCAP (TM), The Millionlights Career Assistance Program for learners in India.

We will train you and help get connected with our pool of our partner companies.

Pay us when we achieve this goal


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About Us

  • Millionlights is a UK based edtech company and we help 'manufacture" talent for our partners.

  • We run global bootcamps and help learners connect with real job openings. (read our blog to know what we do)

  • Our vision is to help any learner that has the desire to upgrade their skill sets and put them on a faster track of development

  • MCAP is our India centric product that will help learners connect with leading tech companies

MCAP Learning Overview

Program Overview.png


Every Cohort under MCAP has a Job aligned.


We only start batches if we are confident of giving all our learners an opportunity to work with great Indian brands and companies


We have a rigorous admission process for all learners who wish to participate in our bootcamps

You will have to sit for an entry test, speak to our academic and hiring team and if you pass the above - become eligible to enter.


Millionlights runs bootcamps across technologies and platforms. 

Our expertise is manufacturing talent in the tech space.

You will find a whole range of courses taught at our online university.


MCAP - Admission Process

_ Enrollment Process Flowchart.png


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Admissions Open


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Cloud Engineer Bootcamp

About the Course

  • AZ 900 

  • AZ 104 

  • Microsoft Learning Aligned

  • 8 weeks

  • 10-15 hours online lessons

  • Labs / Capstone Projects

More Details

  • Aligned to Microsoft Certifications.

  • Dynamic Content based on the Microsoft Learn Platform.

  • Mentor Support Hours, Peer Learning and Industry Intervention included.

  • Capstone Projects, Labs, Practice Tests Included.

  • Exam Voucher Code to be purchased individually, not included in course price.

  • Student Pass from Microsoft Azure.

  • Microsoft Official Curriculum Included

  • Microsoft Official Practice Tests Included