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  1. Go through the minimum eligibility criteria of the program

  2. Fill the Application Form on our website

  3. You will receive the email  with an entrance test link and details of test schedule after scrutiny of your application form.


ENTRACE EXAM and interview

  1. On the scheduled date you have to take the test in a remote proctored environment.

  2. You will receive the result on mail after qualifying for the entrance test

  3. Qualified candidates who appear in the merit list will go through an online interview process.



  1. Admission form submission along with agreement to pay fee after successfully placed with company.

  2. Induction program to brief on complete course details.


program commencement and progress

  1. You need to commit a minimum of 6 hours daily to successfully complete MCAP. This includes 4 hours of daily mentor interactions, 5 days a week.

  2. At the end of every week there will be a test and progress review.

  3. It is mandatory to successfully qualify in our weekly progress assessments.



  1. After successfully completing the program in 8 weeks, the candidate will be interviewed by our partner companies for placement.

  2. Company offers the job to the candidate.

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