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We have partnered with Stepex

We have partnered with StepEx to provide a financial product to all our learners for our UK bootcamps

"StepEx Future Earnings Agreement (FEA) removes the cost barrier to enable everyone to fulfil their professional potential. We enable the less wealthy majority to access the best qualifications in exchange for an affordable share of their future earnings."

This aligns with our vision of providing the best skilling and job opportunities to all

We are launching our next cohort for #microsoft cloud engineers in early January 2023 and this product will be available to all learners who want to participate.

The candidates who successfully clear the bootcamps and are able to get their Microsoft Certifications will be given an opportunity to get selected by our recruiting partners on our platform Skilld.

Our goal for 2023 is to create and curate 1000 Microsoft aligned engineers in the UK and get them recruited by the top tech companies.

We will be sending out the admission links very soon to everyone who wants to become a part of our 4th MCAP Cohort

Best Wishes from the Team at Millionlights.


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