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Cloud Engineer Cohort - India - Admissions Open

We are launching our Cloud Engineer Cohort for Indian learners - aligned to AZ 104 and AZ 204 learning paths from Microsoft.

This course is at an intermediate level and for learners who have at-least 2 years of experience in the tech space.

If you are looking to upgrade your skills (which is extremely important considering what is going on in the world with layoffs etc) please sit for our free assessment and speak to our counsellors

We will also be helping learning who successfully clear the examinations with their career and future job prospects through out platform Skilld

If you are interested in getting new skills - visit this page for details

or send a message to our bot on whatsapp +91 7820809267 and fill in your details

A) Who should do this course?

If you have atleast 2 years of tech experience and are working in a tech company - this course is for you. Upgrade your skills with our live sessions, labs and projects and get certified from Microsoft.

Do note:- This is an intermediate level course - Not Suitable for no experience or fresh graduate's

B) How will this Cloud Engineer Course help?

Upgrading your skills always helps - specially in an environment where if you dont then you are made redundant very soon.

Read our post here on why certification helps -

We will also be helping you connect with our recruiting partners who are hiring for mid level Cloud Engineers in India. Our team will be using Skilld to connect recruiters to our bootcamp students.

Team Millionlights

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Ben Davidson
Ben Davidson
Dec 25, 2022

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