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Millionlights lit up my life in my darkest hours

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

We wish Rinith all the very best in his #career and are glad we could be of assistance

Unlike most of the people here I am a graduate. For a graduate getting a job in IT sector is like a small fish competing in sea with big sharks.

I had decent marks in my academics but none of them helped me to get a job. At the beginning I was like fish Nemo who don't know what to do where to go just facing hard times. #Millionlights came into my life at perfect time.

For me it is very hard to write how Millionlights helped me in 2-3 lines.

I can just say "Millionlights light up my life in my darkest hours".

Even recently when I went to my college I said proudly about Millionlights University and their way of teaching.

Unfortunately I failed to get placed in DXC, but at present I have 2 offers in my hands and I give 90% of credits to #Millionlights.

At last from the bottom of my heart I thank Jaya Sinha and also Nikhil Dwivedi sir for his constant support also Neha and Sneha maam for their guidance.

Rinith R Amin

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