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Updated: Jan 10, 2019

microsoft mpp

The new Millionlights University courseware platform launched this week in closed beta.


We are offering a glimpse of new age career changing skills to a select audience of educators, universities and our learners.

Millionlights University has brought the Microsoft MPP Certification and Job Opportunity program to India

We are launching with 2 courses

1. Data Science

2. Big Data


This courses will be run in a hybrid learning environment with optional weekend classes in our Pune / Bangalore office. We have industry experts that will be teaching, handholding and working with the learners towards course completion.


We are also working closely with a Microsoft Employment Manager to help identify companies in India who are actively hiring these 21st Century Skills. Our team will engage with these companies and open these opportunities to our learners who complete the program.


The platform will be mobile with native IOS and Android apps. We will be having live coding sessions that you can watch on your Jio Phone on the JioTV app.

Essentially we are bringing 21st Century skills to you.

Want to know more?

Register and we will get in touch.

Team Millionlights

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1 Comment

Rachna Thakur
Rachna Thakur
Jan 07, 2019


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