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Microsoft and Millionlights have partnered to launch the MPP program in India exclusively on Millionlights.

We will be opening up this program to the corporate sector and help them get their employees up-skilled.

The tracks currently available on our platform are

  1. Data Scientist

  2. Big Data Engineer

  3. Artificial Intelligence Engineer

  4. AI App Developer

  5. IT Security

  6. Internet of Things

  7. Front-end Web Developer

  8. Cloud Administrator

  9. DevOps Professional

  10. Entry Level Software Development

  11. IT Support

MPP Certification Track
Example of the entire IOT certification track

We will be offering Mentor as a Service, platform with mobile support and offline - classroom sessions to our corporate clients. The classes will be held in Pune and in Bangalore with our partner Prudentia

Microsoft and Millionlights will empower corporates to train the employees in 21st century skills in the coming months.

Stay Tuned

Akshat Shrivastava

CEO and Founder



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