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Why should you consider a career in Data Science?

I’m sure you’re aware of the massive layoffs across the tech companies in India. So, at this point in time, reskilling yourselves to something more promising becomes essential, Data Science is one such field.

Here are few facts why you should consider a career in Data Science:

1.Hottest Job

Data Science is called as the hottest job of 21st century by the Harvard Business Review. Various industries are using data science for a number of business insights it uncovers.

2. Huge Demand

There is a huge demand for data scientists today. The US leads the data science market, requiring 190,000 data scientists by next year. India also joins this elite bandwagon, with tremendous requirement for data scientists across industries. By 2025, the Big Data analytics sector in India is estimated to grow eight times.

3. Data scientists earn more than the average IT employees

Due to the enormous gap in demand and supply of skilled Data Science professionals, it is obvious that skilled Data Science professionals are offered higher salaries than the average IT professionals. On, the average Data Scientist salaries for job postings in the US are 113% higher than average salaries for all job postings.

4. Preferred by both Startups and tech companies.

Data scientists are preferred by both start-ups and tech companies. In fact, it’s the startups that are increasingly becoming aware of data science, looking forward to hiring more data scientists than before. Corporates and tech companies are catching up by reinvesting on analytics and data scientists.

5. You don’t need a PhD to be a Data Scientist

You don’t have to necessarily possess a degree or a Ph.D. Data science requires you to know the fundamentals of analytics. You need to be capable of working on analytics tools and understand the basics of data processing to get started. Data science requires you to have or develop skills in statistics, data science tools, communication skills, commendable knowledge in quants and business acumen. A data scientist puts to use all these skills to work on data, break it down, look for angles of approach, find patterns, analyze them, and extract information.

6. Rewarding Career

Data Science is a rewarding career. At the time when employees are getting pink slips, pay cuts, and laid off, Data Science is one field that’s welcoming talent. You will not just have an authoritative role in your business or organization but receive good paychecks and enjoy a perfect work-life balance.

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