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Online Degrees In India - now legally approved!

UGC allows all higher edu institutes to offer online courses

We believe this is long overdue and a step in the right direction.

Giving access to courseware, certification and job opportunities to learners who do not have the option of joining a physical university or go to campus is a welcome step - specially in a country like India. There are many factors at play here including economic ability, social factors and the seats available in good institutes.

Going online and offering a core degree is one of the ways this disparity can be bridged -

Currently, a student can get a degree only via full-time courses at a college or university by attending regular classes, or through distance education

In January 2018, the government mandated that 15% of Indian universities must deliver online degree courses. Available data also suggests that India is one of the fastest-growing online education markets, pegged to touch USD 1.96 billion by 2021.

Millionlights is working very closely with multiple universities to get their programmes online and will be offering core degrees very soon.

Our vision is to offer online degrees to every deserving learner in India - get them skilled and connect them with job opportunities.

Keep Learning

Team ML

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