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Courses Unveiled: Your Feedback Shapes the Launch

Kindly take a moment to complete the survey below. Your responses will help us develop a launch sequence for our three new courses, starting with learners in India.

You can choose between the following

Data Science

The format of the courses will be of short duration - we are thinking not more than 4 weeks.

We will also be using our new AI platform for the first time for our B2C users. (The tool evaluates code and suggests tasks and solutions for your skill level).

We want to slowly move away from giving hours of videos and content and focus on hyper personalised learning content.

Who is the audience?

The course will be for learners who want to get upskilled in the above areas - we are hoping that learners who have some experience can join the cohort, having at-least 1 year of experience will help

Please fill the form and if you have any questions - feel free to send a mail to support at or call us on +91 98901 22592

Team Millionlights


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