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Millionlights on the Jio Growthpad Program.

What is GrowthPad?

GrowthPad Program is a mentorship, first market access program & provides year-round technical support from Jio, an exclusive community of leaders for mentorship within Jio's rich leadership ecosystem, JioAds credits, tools and services, training on Jio Developer Tools, and more. We want to support startups / SME's / organizations / brands succeed by leveraging Jio's Developer Platform & Technology offerings.

Millionlights will be working closely with the Jio education team to rollout our courses to the millions of students and potential learners in the Jio ecosystem. All our apps will be available through Jio Platforms, including their set top boxes, mobile devices and all learning outreach programs.

Our goal is to give affordable access to courseware leading to better employable learners. Partnering with Jio helps us reach millions and give them an opportunity to get ahead in life.

Want to know more? send a mail to

Team ML

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