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Microsoft Data Science Bootcamp

Hello All

We have been getting many requests from our learners to launch a public bootcamp that can be accessible to anyone who wants to upgrade their skills. Our earlier bootcamps were limited to our corporate clients in the UK and not available to everyone to join in.

We have been working hard to come up with a plan to make the course, align in to Microsoft Certifications and also create the learning paths and outcomes. All our courses come with labs, practice tests and extra reading material from Microsoft Official Curriculum

Now are are ready with the final product - our Bootcamp launches on the 1st of April - the course is aligned to the Microsoft DP-100 Certification and is an 8 weeks program. We are opening this to anyone who is interested in the Datas Science domain and have experience of working with python.

The Certification Journey is laid out in the image below

Course Overview
  • The Data Science course is for graduates and career professionals looking to build their career in data science & analytics.

  • Candidates from the course are able to transition to roles such as business analysts, data analysts, data engineer, analytics engineer etc.

  • Learn relevant data science techniques, tools and technologies and hands-on application through industry case studies.

Need to know more? Head over to and speak to our counsellors.

Keep Learning and Keep Safe

Team Millionlights



Nice Post !!!

I am learning programming these days as a newbie. My only previous working knowledge and experience is in PHP (web development).

As a newbie, Python feels like learning English language. Java makes me feel like I am learning a programming language.

Did a little research and realised that almost all important softwares (that matters) are in Java while almost all python based stuffs are childish (that doesn't matter).

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