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Integration Engineer 90 day bootcamp begins

Our batch for preparing fresh learners to become Integration Engineers starts this week. This again is for a large enterprise client based in the UK.

The "Boot Camp" will run for 90 days and have virtual sessions, labs, coding exercises, case studies and content delivered to all the students from our platform. Our remit is to make these students client ready and deployable after the 3 month program.

Some of the prerequisites to apply for the assessments are given below

Prerequisites for the Job and Assessment
You have at least 6 months relevant IT project based experience.
You have experience of java development & XML formatting
You have a working understanding of integration technologies and API development
Good to have
Working understanding or experience in Microsoft Azure - subscription, resource groups, VNET, subnet, PaaS services [application services, SQL services, dashboards]

The curriculum and learning paths created in consultation with our client is exhaustive and challenging. It will ensure that all students coming out of our bootcamp after 90 days are ready to be deployed on a client site.

Will keep posting updates as we progress.

Team ML

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Akshat Shrivastava
Akshat Shrivastava
Dec 16, 2019


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