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 Data Science


Microsoft consulted data scientists and the companies that employ them to identify the core skills they need to be successful.


This led to a curriculum that teaches key functional and technical skills, combining highly rated online courses with hands-on labs, concluding in a final capstone project.


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Job Opportunities

 Job opportunities with the help of a Millionlights partner



12-48 Hours per week



Microsoft Professional Program Certificate in Data Science


Hybrid online Training and Face to Face Sessions


  • Job opportunities with the help of a Microsoft Global Employment Manager.

  • Industry-driven comprehensive curriculum

  • 1-1 Mentoring - Mentor as a Service

  • 24/7 access to study material & video lectures

  • Live interactions with experts

  • Real-world Projects & Case Studies

  • Data Science Capstone Project

About Us

  • First  Microsoft partner in India for MPP program delivery and certification.

  • Over 2,50,000 users learning online through our different training channels.

  • The only ed-tech company in India to have presence on Mobile, TV and PC with a total reach of 50 million.

  • Offering Industry relevant 21st Century skills for employment.

Program Overview

Program Overview.png

The Millionlights- Microsoft Professional Program in Data Science will enable you to:

  • Accelerate your career in one of the hottest fields – Data Science.

  • Learn data science fundamentals, key data science tools, and widely-used programming languages from industry and academic experts in this unique program created by Microsoft.

  • Develop  analytical and programming skills you need to take advantage of  1.5 million career opportunities available now in data science.

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About Us

Program Structure and Format


​Program Structure

  • The Data Science Certification program is comprised of 10 courses and a final capstone project.  

  • Recorded videos in every course, and can be completed at you own pace and practice questions to make sure the topic is understood well.

  • Interactive live lectures and query solving sessions  by industry specialists in Data Science.

  • The MPP Data Science Certificate will be awarded when you achieve a 70% pass rate and obtain a verified certificate for all the 10 courses and complete the capstone project.

  • Guided lab sessions with instructors for hands on practice on various platforms/technologies covered in the program.

Program Details

Program Details: 10 courses + Final Project

Effort: 16 - 32 hours per course

The student needs to complete all the 10 courses along with the labs, assessments and the Capstone project, to be eligible for the MPP Certificate.

Skills Required:

Though, there is no particular prerequisite to learn Data Science, you will be able to do very well, if you have these basic skills:

  • Basic Programming Knowledge

  • Good command in Maths and Statistics

  • Business Knowledge

  • Data Visualisation skills

  • Good communication skills.  

Skills Required

Who Can Learn:

  • Any professional from Business Analytics/ Business Intelligence background.               

  • Engineering or Non-Engineering aspirants wanting to become a Data Scientist.

  • Managers from Analytics background and those who are leading a team of Analysts .

  • Any Data Analyst or Software Developer aspiring to be a Data Scientist.

  • Professionals wanting to build machine learning models, using distributed storage and distributed processing.

Who Can Learn
  • Get Started with Data Science
    Introduction to Data Science Provided by Microsoft Get started on your data science journey, as you learn what it takes to become a Data Scientist. Learn to work with and explore data using a variety of visualization, analytical, and statistical techniques.
  • Analyze and Visualize Data
    Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI Provided by Microsoft Learn how to connect and visualize your data with Microsoft Power BI. Find out how to import your data, author reports using Power BI Desktop, and publish those reports to the Power BI service. Create dashboards and share with business users on the web and on mobile devices.
  • Analyze and Visualize Data
    Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI Provided by Microsoft Learn how to connect and visualize your data with Microsoft Power BI. Find out how to import your data, author reports using Power BI Desktop, and publish those reports to the Power BI service. Create dashboards and share with business users on the web and on mobile devices.
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Course Curriculum

Career Paths

Data Scientist:

  • as a data scientist you are specialized in retrieving, mining and statistically analyzing large chunks of data

  • understand the challenges of a business and offer the best solutions using data analysis and data processing.

  • perform predictive analysis and run a fine-toothed comb through an “unstructured/disorganized” data to extract actionable insights

  • identify trends and patterns that can help the companies in making decisions, that would otherwise be difficult to make.

Data Analyst:

  • perform analysis on data using various mathematical calculations

  • perform variety of tasks like visualization, munging and processing of massive amounts of data.

  • analyse databases by performing queries on the databases from time to time.

  •  the most important skills of a data analyst is optimization.

  • create and modify algorithms that can be used to pull information from very large databases without affecting and corrupting the data.

Career Paths

Job Titles

The popular job titles in the field of Data Analysis and  Data Science

  • Data Architect

  • Data Engineers

  • Database Administrator

  • Business Analyst

  • Data and Analytics Manager

Job Titles


  • The evaluation of the program is based on completion of assessments in each course as well as the Capstone Project.



Each module contains  graded assignments. You have to  complete the assessments and labs available

  • Some courses contains lab assignments. You can progress through the course at your own speed.

  • Assess your progress with grade/score of each assignment that contributes to the overall grade.

  • The overall passing percentage for each course is 70%, including the lab assessments.

  • The student has to pass in all courses and successfully complete the capstone project to be eligible for the MPP Certificate.


Capstone Project

  • Microsoft Professional Capstone : Data Science

  • You will get an opportunity to showcase your data science knowledge and skills and solve a real-world data science problem by doing the  Microsoft Professional Capstone.

  • The project takes the form of a challenge in which you will explore a dataset and develop a machine learning solution that is tested and scored to determine your grade.


Career Assistance

  • We work with  a Microsoft Global Employment Manager  who helps us identify companies actively looking for new age skill sets. We pass on those requirements to our learners.

  • Our career support team will counsel you on the right career path and also help you prepare for the role.

  • Get specific inputs on updating your resume structure, content and receive personalized feedback to improve on it

  • Interview readiness session to help you to prepare for interviews

  • We conduct 1-1 mock interviews based on the role you wish to apply for and provide you with feedback.

Note: We don’t provide any 100% Job Guarantee

Career Assistance
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