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Using AI for engineering teams

Revolutionising Professional Growth: A Day in the Life with Our New Software

creating learning paths based on individual preferences
Skilld AI

Introduction - Skilld AI

Jane is a software developer with many years of experience. She's worked on multiple client sites, but has recently been tasked with redesigning her own company's website. She's been working hard on making the design better for users but needs our help perfecting her code quality before we can implement it into production.

Jane's Skilld score indicates she is at an intermediate level of proficiency. Her score has improved by 8% since the last time we checked her code.

In just one week, Jane has improved her coding skills by 20%. She now writes cleaner, more modular code and uses clear variables names.

Now that Jane has put in some hard work improving her code quality, we can finally focus on implementing the new design she's been designing.

The Skilld AI application allows us to see exactly how much each team member has learned over time; this helps us learn how much room there is for improvement in each area so that we can help guide them through their journey towards mastery!

Deep-Dive Analysis and Skill Matrix Generation

Time for action. Our software, based on Jane's unique Skill Matrix, suggests custom learning paths. These paths guide Jane towards resources and courses specifically tailored to her, enabling her to fill knowledge gaps and build on her strengths.


We hope you have found this post helpful. We’ve included a ton of information about the new software, but it is important to remember that it is still in beta and we are constantly adding new features, so we encourage you to keep checking back for updates.

If there is anything specific about our software that you would like us to address please let us know!

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