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Problems in Tech Hiring? This post is for you

Get ready for something that will forever change the way you hire .

Register - Shortlist - Interview - Hire - Retain

Skilld makes hiring"Certified" tech talent Frictionless

What is Skilld?

Skilld is a platform that has been created by Millionlights. We run tech bootcamps aligned to Microsoft technologies in the UK and in India.

The platform gives you access to our curated talent pool that has successfully completed our bootcamps

What do you charge?

We manage the scouting and up-skilling in-house and offer you significant savings on BOTH your recruitment and learning costs.

Can I speak to someone from the team?

Absolutely - schedule a call here or send a mail to

Which geographies do you serve?

We are present in the UK and in India and can offer your access to our verified talent pool in these 2 geographies

Want to Sign up for Early Access? Click the button below

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