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MCAP UK Launch- Career Assistance for UK Graduates


Fantastic Job opportunities to join the world’s leading IT software & Solutions Companies, recognised as Top Employers in the UK.

We have partnered with TCS UK to create a scalable and sustainable talent pipeline for them. Millionlights will be scouting, training and giving job opportunities to all students who clear our assessments and bootcamps.

This program is a Fully Funded program by Millionlights inline with our vision of giving access to anyone who is passionate about technology and wants to upgrade their skills.

If you are a graduate in the UK or want to change jobs, upgrade your skills then please sit for our online assessment and join our cohort. All students who clear all our exit requirements will be given an opportunity to interview with the TCS UK team and get selected as Cloud Engineers

All details about the program on the link below

If you have any questions about the program then drop a mail to and our academic / counselling team will guide you.

Thank you and Be Safe

Team Millionlights


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