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Creating Hyper Personalised Learning Paths

Skilld AI creates personalised learning paths and content based on the current skill levels of our learners

skilld AI learning paths

Skilld AI learning paths

Skilld AI learning paths

Allow us to explain how we accomplish this

Using the scoring matrix we create a skill profile of every user / learner in our system. The code evaluations help us arrive at this scoring matrix. (how we evaluate code - read this blog post) Subsequently, we develop a course comprising a sequence of tasks and assignments that learners must fulfil. Each of these courses undergoes manual evaluation to ensure that the content's quality aligns with the user's profile before it is delivered Multiple personalised courses are laid out and a learning path and a progress chart is created. This data helps us gauge the progress of the learner overtime As a learner completes an increasing number of tasks, writes more assignments, and uploads additional code into our system, the complexity of the learning content likewise increases

We are going to be launching a module for learners to get access to very shortly. This module will allow anyone to upload their code and get their very own learning paths, assessments and tasks created

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