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“Millionlights lit-up my life and taught me positivity,” Rinith

Old adage, “Showing up is half the battle” best defines his journey thus far. He went with the flow, faced many rejections and dejections, global pandemic and came out triumphant, only because he persevered. Meet Rinith who focused at his love for Computer Science and despite numerous speed-breakers fought his way to becoming an IT software professional.

Initial college days

Rinith was a bright student and when he got good scores in class 10th boards, as many believe, he was made to select science over commerce, his initial choice. He selected Physics, Chemistry and Maths along with Computer Science. Little did he know that this decision could be taxing high on him as he grappled with core science subjects. But, at the same time, he also found his love and affinity for computer science. While he struggled to barely meet passing grades for science subjects, his scores in computer science always hovered above 90 percent. With the help of computers, he managed a cumulative score of 74% in 12th.

Facing personal set-back and emotional decisions

At this time, he suffered a personal setback when he lost his father. Losing a father at such an early age was as disturbing for him as it was daunting. Suddenly along with his elder brother, he felt family’s responsibility on his shoulders. However, his elder brother was focused at him finishing his studies.

After discovering his love for computer science, he desired to pursue Bachelor in Computers Applications (BCA) but he was advised otherwise. Not in the best of his emotional state, he went with the advice and chose Bachelors of Science but made sure that he did not leave computers side. He selected Statistics, Maths and Computer Science as his subjects with a hope that he can still pursue his dream of becoming an IT professional after graduation. But here too pandemic played a spoilt- sport and resulted in no campus placements.

Setting of panic with no job and pandemic at its peak

Now he started panicking. His friends who selected BCA were placed by now whereas he could not even see any light at the end of the tunnel. Did he repent his decision of B. Sc.? Yes, but he was also confident of his computer science knowledge and determined to make it work for his career. While he was again advised, this time to do M.Sc. in Data Science, he decided to continue his search for job and gain experience before doing any post-graduation.

Stumbling upon fully funded Millionlights Java Bootcamp

He registered himself on almost every job site but everywhere he struggled as he competed against engineering students. This led to multiple rejections and at every setback, he started losing his morale too. He decided to finally look for some Upskilling courses but tight finance made this quest also tough. It was then that he came across Millionlights University and their fully funded Java Bootcamp. At first, he could not believe but left with no choice and nothing to lose either, he went ahead and wrote their entrance test.

No looking back

Once he got selected, there was no looking back. He was overwhelmed on first day of the bootcamp itself. The teaching method was so much engaging, interactive and focused, entirely different from his college. The mock interview sessions were just what he wanted after the low morale set by initial rejections. Mentors guided him on how to sail through the tough questions. On one side, he was attending mock interview session, on the other side, for practice he was attending actual job interviews. He could visibly see the difference bootcamp was bringing to him. He gave his 100 per cent to the bootcamp.

After successful completion of the bootcamp, he sat for job interviews, aced technical tests but weak aptitude took better of him and he had to face rejections again. Watching his other cohort mates getting offer letters, he felt bad, and depressed. At this stage, he owes Jaya Ma’am’s counselling as the anchor that kept his spirits afloat till he finally got placed at APEX IT Company.

Journey thus far

Ask him about his journey today and he attributes his success to Millionlights that taught him how to stay ‘POSITIVE’ in the thick of negatives and his perseverance which did not allow him to leave computer science at any stage. Today he is employed as an Associate Consultant with Apex IT and enjoying every day of his work.

He sums up his experience at Millionlights Java Bootcamp as enriching and motivating and concludes by saying “Millionlights, just as its name, lit up my life”.

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