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Live projects for our UK learners

Our latest batch of students are now ready to work on real world capstone projects and our mentors have created 2 projects for them to finish before they are deployed on-site.

All the concepts will be implemented in this project development process, we will have less emphasis on the concepts which were not part of the previous training agenda like CSS, Java script etc.

Agenda overview:

Project Kick off :· High level discussion and estimation·

Detailed discussion· High Level Design - documentation·

Low Level Design - documentation·

Development – Coding and Junit·

Deployment· Testing

Note: Project kick off and details can be discussed and implemented sprint wise(Agile Way) as a development approach.

Projects: Employee Management System – HRMSPackers and Movers – Transportation

Technology to be used:-

Spring REST-

Spring MVC-

Spring JPA-

Spring other components- Jsp, HTML, CSS, JS-

Report Generation-

Java Docs-


File I/O-




Java SE-

Java EE-

Maven build-

Git repository-

Jenkins -


Design Pattern Implementation-

Best Practice implementation-

Code Coverage-

Code Review-

Project documentation

After successful completion of the live projects, our learners will be ready for onsite deployment by our clients.

We wish them the very best.

Team Millionlights

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