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Close to 1 Lakh vacancies in India, In Data Science and Analytics: Study

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

With businesses becoming data driven, more and more companies are making use of Data Analytics for Business decisions.

This has increased the need of skilled manpower with knowledge of Data Analysis, Machine Learning etc.

According to a survey, close to 1 lakh jobs are vacant, due to lack of skilled manpower in this field. The demand for Data Science specialists and analysts is going to increase a lot more in future.


Millionlights, a Microsoft partner has launched a program in Data Science Fundamentals.

This program includes an understanding of all the aspects of Data Science, so that the user can decide, exactly which area he needs to master in, in order to start a career in Data Science.

The Python programming language, which is most popular in Data Science solutions, is also a part of curriculum. In addition, users will also learn Analyzing and Visualizing Data in depth.

These courses are offered in complete online, self-paced mode, with support of live lectures by Industry experts. The content of the course is created by Microsoft, and includes videos from Microsoft Instructors, reading and reference material, assessments as well as hands on labs.

The course is self sufficient with Lab environment and Final Labs and projects. The program also includes a live project with internship certificate.

In short, this program builds a strong foundation to start your career in Data Analysis and Data Science.

The detailed courses are also available in online mode.

Please enquire on Microsoft_datascience

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Million Lights
Million Lights
Jul 28, 2019

this is a must do course for students

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